Mentoring Multiple Junior Academics to Enable Them to Teach More Effectively

I have been actively mentoring a few Level A academics (Research Associates) to help their teaching professional development. Both my Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses have multiple new academics. To uphold the delivery skill and reputation, I have been actively engaging with them and showed many ways to improve their teaching skills. For example, 

1. In 2019 and 2020, I have been actively mentoring Dr Humyun Fuad Rahman (Level A-RA) to enable him to teach more effectively, since he didn't have much teaching experience in his belt. I have been providing him multiple supportive resources and while possible, giving him a demonstrative class before his own delivery. This has also improved his myExperince report outcome.

2. In Semester 1 2021, I have been mentoring another Level A academic for the delivery of ZEIT8402:Evidence-Based Decision Making. I have been demonstrating to him how to do the 'Collaborate Sessions', 'Forum discussions', and a few important contexts related to the course content. 

3. I'm also leading and mentoring a few new academics and those who will be recruited from the recent casual academic recruitment process to teach at least three courses of MDA in semester 2, 2021.