Planning, Facilitation and Development of Postgraduation Courses

Apart from my engagements in UG courses, I have been also engaged in multiple PG courses. To my surprise, two among three of my PG courses are brand new and I had to plan, develop, design and facilitate most of the contents for those subjects. Summary evidence is given below:

  • Developing, designing, coordinating and lecturing a new postgraduate course (ZEIT8310: Project Schedule & Budget Control) as an elective for Master of Project Management. This course has unique contents, while I along with another fellow academic had worked together to embed both project schedule and control principles in a single delivery. This course is being offered in semester 1-2021 and so far got positive verbal and written feedback from students. 
  • Designing, coordinating and delivering ZEIT8402: Evidence-Based Decision Making for postgraduate students under the Masters of Decision Making Program. This is an existing course. But, I had to coordinate and deliver this course due to a sudden staff shortage. The whole Moodle platform and contents were unveiled to me just less than a month before offering. Since then, I have been actively working to redesign the course delivery process, and coordinating all overarching tasks. 
  • Coordinating, designing and lecturing ZZCA6510-Decision Making in Analytics, which has been offered for the very first time by UNSW Online as a Keypath Course (Hexamester 1 and 4). Likewise, the whole course content and Moodle platform for this unique Hexamester course were unveiled to me on the 15th of December (just before the University shutdown), while my first class on the 4th of January! Despite such a short call, banking on my research and teaching experience, I had an excellent time with students, which is reflected from the 'MyExperience Survey Report'. There, I have got a mean score of 5.11 out of 6.00. This further proves my resiliency and robustness towards teaching. 
  • In 2019-20, I was also engaged to redesign another PG course, ZEIT8305: System Thinking and Modelling. There, my involvement was mostly to modify the existing assignment setup (both content and marking guidelines). 
MyExperience Report_ZZCA6510_H1_2021