Program Coordinator of Master of Decision Analytics: Increased Student Recruitment and Program Re-structure

I have been working as the program coordinator of Master of Decision Analytics (MDA) in UNSW Canberra since February 2020 to date. My demonstrative and documentary pieces of evidence for this program are like:

  • Bringing new courses (e.g., ZBUS8302: Logistics Management, ZEIT8152: Reliability program management) from other programs as 'electives' this program to give more flexibility and greater diversity of choices among students. This has created resources for the broader teaching community. Considering that the ‘Graduate Certificate in Operations Analysis (7634)’ program, which is a part of this MDA program,  has been picked up for offers under the government’s Job Ready Graduates Package, I had to offer at least 2 core courses and 2 electives so that student can complete in a semester. This arrangement worked successfully as well.   
  • Working on master scheduling and workload allocations by regular communications with the Director of PG studies and other PELG members
  • Dealing with multiple stakeholders and sessional academics to put everything in the right place at right time.
  • Encouraging team teaching to reduce vulnerability, while needed. I have added multiple research associates and/or level A academics to different core courses of this program. They will act as a mentee and will help the course convenor, which will increase diversity and balance workload.
  • Handling staff shortages in a peak period, particularly in semester 1, 2021. Took additional responsibility to convene one core course (ZEIT8402 Evidence-based Decision Making) to my already busy schedule, due to a sudden shortage of staff.
  • Designing and modifying course contents and program structures in ECLIPS and ASTRA on multiple occasions. I had to rearrange a few program structures in ECLIPS with the collaboration of the school admin team.
  • Recruiting a sessional pool to work out any contingencies. For that, I have developed a 'Position Description' for potential casual academics who will teach a few courses in this MDA program. I've liaised with HR and other relevant stakeholders to make the recruitment call on live, shortlisting candidates. Now, setting up everything to interview candidates and then selecting the best suitable ones for Semester 2, 2021. These actions in a considerably low timespan have certainly proved my leading and managing skills.
  • Coordinating two research units (ZEIT8270 and ZEIT8271).
  • Engaged with the Capability Systems Centre (CSC) to reach a new market for this program. Now, this program is populated along with the CSC, which will inarguably bring more students in the coming future, which is also reflected in the recent student recruitment. 
  • Currently, I’m planning to put the program link on the UNSW Online and Facebook pages to attract more students.
  • I’m working on creating ‘Student Pathway’ in the MDA program webpage, while I will talk about the future career perspective, application, and benefits of this program for any potential students.


Position Description_Casual Academic_MDA Program