• Design-1: Designs curricula, learning activities and resources to enable a range of learners to achieve course and program learning outcomes

Designing a new course by considering the inherent inter-relatedness of Systems Engineering, Project Management and Sustainment topics

This was the first introduction to this course. I along with a few colleagues developed the course “Systems Engineering/Management” (course code ZEIT3506) from two earlier courses, “Systems Engineering” (ZEIT4222) and “Engineering Management” (ZEIT3694). Those two courses covered subject matter important to the degree programs, but the program structure meant that

Addressing Student's Feedback and Designing New Assignment Structures (Course Convenor for ZEIT3506)

Contemplating the earlier students' feedback and constructive criticism in the first offer in 2019, the School has assigned me the leading role (as the course convenor) in 2020 to further improve the course contents, structures, organisations, assignment structures and learning activities. Knowing this course as a core course for diversified background (i.e., third year/

Planning, Facilitation and Development of Postgraduation Courses

Apart from my engagements in UG courses, I have been also engaged in multiple PG courses. To my surprise, two among three of my PG courses are brand new and I had to plan, develop, design and facilitate most of the contents for those subjects. Summary evidence is given below:

  • Developing, designing, coordinating and lecturing a new postgraduate