The screenshot video below provides a step by step guide to creating your profile and adding evidence in myEducation Portfolio.


The myCases tool, accessible from the toolbar (please see screenshot below), enables staff at UNSW to utilise their profile and evidence created in myEducation Portfolio to build, preview and export (as a single PDF file) an education case for academic promotion, teaching awards or fellowships. When building an education case for promotion, staff can include their Learning and Teaching Context and Philosophy, select evidence from their profile and interweave narrative text, all of which can be edited and re-positioned within the case. For promotion applications, the length of the exported education case needs to fit within the 9-page total allowed, which also needs to include cases for research as well as social engagement and leadership. As a rough guide, it is recommended that the maximum length of the education case for research-focussed, combined track and education-focussed staff should be approximately 2, 4 and 6 pages respectively.



A step by step video to assist you to create your education case using the myCases tool is available.