Eric Adua


Dr Eric Adua teaches into the phase 1 medical program in Wagga Wagga.

Esther Alloun

Research Associate

My expertise is in health equity. I teach on health equity, social and structural determinants and…

Amir Ariff


Amir comes from a research background in medical and biological sciences. He currently teaches the…

Heba Azer

Senior Lecturer

I am a general practitioner based in rural NSW with more than 13 years of clinical experience in…

Jessica Bellamy


I am Lecturer within the School of Medical, Indigenous & Health Sciences at the University of…

Katrina Blazek

Lecturer (EF)

Katrina Blazek is a biostatistician and Education Focused Lecturer in the School of Population…

Nattai Borges

Senior Lecturer

I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Senior Lecturer and Program Lead for Exercise Science at…

Amanda Burdett

Associate Lecturer

An Education Focussed Associate Lecturer in the Department of Exercise Physiology, I draw on my…

Jon Cai

Senior Educational Developer

A creative thinker and problem solver who enjoys working in a dynamic, creative environment; a…

Ripon Chakrabortty

Lecturer - Sys Eng. & Project

Dr Ripon Kumar Chakrabortty is experienced in teaching courses related to Decision Analytics,…

Ngozi Chidi-Egboka

Associate Lecturer

As a lecturer at a Nigerian University, I developed lecture materials for two core optometry…

Ming Xuan Chua

Casual Academic

PhD Candidate in Mechatronics Engineering (Medical Robotics) at UNSW

Stuart Clark

Associate Professor

I am a geoscientist with a passion for understanding the world's basins through imaging and…

Osvaldo Contreras Saavedra

Conjoint Lecturer

Postdoctoral Fellow Osvaldo Contreras is a cell biologist and a biomedical researcher studying…

Joyce El-Haddad

Lecturer (EF)

Lecturer and PhD candidate at UNSW.

Linda Ferrington

Associate Professor

I am passionate about widening access for education, and driven to create an intentional…

Angela Finch

Associate Professor

Director of Teaching, School of Biomedical Science. Associate Professor in the Department of…

Mitchell Gibbs


Dr Mitchell Gibbs is a Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences. Mitch co-developed and co-…

Vanessa Honson

Lecturer - Education Focussed

Lecturer and Senior Staff Optometrist, UNSW Optometry Clinic. Vanessa is an Education Focused…

Isabelle Jalbert


Professor Jalbert is an award winning educator, optometrist and public health practitioner. AAUT…