Teaching context and philosophy

Teaching context and philosophy

My area of expertise is within the discipline of Exercise Physiology, with a focus on supporting people with Intellectual Disabilities and musculoskeletal conditions. My passion for teaching stems from two foundations; 1) the impact I have seen Exercise Physiology have on patient health, attitudes and quality of life, and 2) the joy it brings me when I witness students achieve that single moment of clarity when they realise the puzzle pieces fit together. I strongly believe that sharing my clinical experience as a practicing Exercise Physiologist (EP), and by sharing these patient success stories, provides me with a platform to connect very deeply with students, and inspires them to see the potential impact they could have in a future career as an EP.

‘Engaging, able to relate theory to clinical stories and anecdotes which made learning more memorable’ (HESC3532 2018)

‘I really appreciated how Jess used real life case study examples for us to work through and understand’ (HESC3532 2020)

‘I felt so inspired by Jess and really look up to her as a mentor’ (HESC3532 2020)

I am lucky to be directing the majority of my teaching to 3rd and 4th year Exercise Physiology students, during what is a significant transition period for these students as they are required to translate theory into practice. To do this, I focus my energy on creating supportive learning environments where students feel safe to ask questions, and open to being challenged in their thinking. I set these challenges by driving the students to develop deeper clinical reasoning – which I see as the foundation of all good clinicians. I pride myself on being approachable and caring, yet I am clear in setting high expectations.

‘Very much encourage student involvement from everyone, was good in making you justify what you wanted to say’ (HESC3532 2018)

‘Knowledgeable of the content and open to discussion. Encouraged me to question why’ (HESC3592 2019)

‘Jess was really encouraging of student engagement’ (HESC3532 2020)

‘Very approachable, knowledgeable and helpful’ (HESC3532 2020)

Over this transition period I help students wade through the somewhat murky waters and emerge as practicing EPs. It gives me great professional satisfaction to be directly involved with helping students ‘complete’ their puzzle, as they become practitioners in an industry that is capable of changing lives.